Troy + Glynnis Get Crazy in the Photo Booth!

Written by Taylor on November 16
Okay. We knew that Troy and Glynnis were hilariously fun and crazy, but nothing could prepare us for what awaited our Photo Booth at the Madison Hotel Conservatory. Apparently, everyone at this wedding was equally… well let’s just say it’s clear now why they’re friends with Troy and Glynnis. I was manning the Photo Booth in an almost perpetual state of laughter throughout the night. This job may appear easy, until you realize it involves dodging rogue pumpkins, intervening kidnappings, and patronizing angry pirates, Aboriginals, and fallen angels. Oh… Did I mention it was Halloween? Thanks, Troy and Glynnis for getting married and putting up such an amazing party! Thanks to all the guests that never cease to make our job the best job on the planet, (don’t worry, there was no permanent damage… I’ll recover eventually, and it was worth it for the photos) and thanks to the staff of the Madison Hotel for catering and cleaning up the remnants of such a fantastic night in the Photo Booth.

Patrick + Cam Get Crazy in the Photo Booth!

Written by Darren on September 21
Patrick and Cam recently got married at The Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City. They really know how to throw a good party, and their guests completely ROCKED IT in the PhotoBooth! It was non-stop action from the moment we opened the booth until the party was over. Wes from Film Jones.
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