Costume Party at the Brownstone | PhotoBooth!

Written by Taylor on October 31
My Sesame Street childhood is ruined forever. I just saw Burt and Ernie making out. The Brownstone in Paterson was DECKED OUT this past Friday night for a crazy costume surprise party in honor of Joe’s birthday. I don’t know which part was more surprising, walking into a room filled with people screaming “Happy Birthday,” or the fact that half of them were holding bloody implements of death. Either way, it seemed to work pretty well. Darren and I were thrilled to be at the Brownstone with our PhotoBooth! after providing it as a Prize Gift Certificate to support the incredible Project Ladybug. The prize was won by Cristina, who knew right away how to put it to great use. Although I’m pretty sure the Moses guy was just an act, among the masked party-goers was Jacqueline and Caroline from the cast of The Real Housewives of NJ. Told you, this was an awesome party. Thanks so much to Christina and Joe, to Project Ladybug, and to the amazing people at the Brownstone for an unforgettable night. This right here is what PhotoBooth! is all about.

birthday-photobooth0001.jpgbirthday-photobooth0002.jpgbirthday-photobooth0003.jpgbirthday-photobooth0004.jpgbirthday-photobooth0005.jpg Here’s the birthday boy and his bride, looking a little pale after that surprise welcome…
birthday-photobooth0006.jpg birthday-photobooth0007.jpgbirthday-photobooth0008.jpgbirthday-photobooth0009.jpgbirthday-photobooth0010.jpgbirthday-photobooth0011.jpgbirthday-photobooth0012.jpgbirthday-photobooth0013.jpgbirthday-photobooth0014.jpgbirthday-photobooth0015.jpgbirthday-photobooth0016.jpgbirthday-photobooth0017.jpgbirthday-photobooth0018.jpg