Sneak Peek | Marq + Chriselle

Written by Darren on September 23
These guys seriously blew our minds yesterday. You’ve never seen this level of geek chic, or crazy breakdancing moves on a wedding dance floor. Click here to check out the full sneak peek gallery on Facebook.

Diana+Mike Get Married

Written by Taylor on June 18
It’s a pretty huge blog post, but I couldn’t resist sharing so many of my favorite images from this great day. Diana and Mike are one of our favorite couples. You might remember them from a classy shoot in New York City. For their wedding, we went to the beautiful St. Francis Cathedral in Metuchen, New Jersey. The ceremony was a photographer’s playground. The architecture was stunning, the decorations were simple and elegant, and Mike and Diana were beaming the whole time. The beautiful church where Mike and Diana were married:
St. Francis Cathedral
528 Main Street
Metutchen, NJ 08840
After the ceremony, we took off to a nearby park. The sky was getting darker and darker as we made our way there… then BAM. Pouring rain. We came prepared, and as usual, Diana and Mike were game for anything. Stand out in the pouring rain dressed in high heels and drag my white wedding dress over this patch of soggy dirt and soaking grass? Meh… okay. What’s that? Hold this umbrella up in the middle of a lightning storm while you guys fiddle with your camera settings? No problem! I love these guys. Then it was back to the reception at the Hilton Woodbridge. Again, a stunning venue. Just when we thought we had captured our best images…
The Hilton Woodbridge
120 Wood Avenue
South Iselin, New Jersey 08830
One of the best groom cakes I’ve seen. Where’s the huge power brick? Must be a new design. A few of the amazing people who helped make this wedding so inspiring: BUSTED. I caught Darren knee-deep in fondue and I have evidence! I seriously think it was his first experience with a chocolate fountain. Multiple times I saw this. The deer in headlights look and all. SO busted. Diana and Mike with the both of us. What an AWESOME night. We walked out with messed up hair, chocolate-spattered faces and dazed smiles. Have I ever mentioned that we love our job? Diana and Mike, thank you guys for being the coolest, happiest, down to earth-est, laid back, most in-love people ever. We we were honored to be a part of this incredible and unforgettable day. God Bless both of you and your future together.