If you saw the Photo Booth pictures from Troy and Glynnis wedding, then you already have a taste of the crazy frenetic energy at this place. What I found shocking was not only these people’s uncanny ability to dance, but the raw emotion that connected every moment of this day. In Glynnis and Troy, there was an emotional openness that touched me deeply. There’s a picture of Troy’s face when he sees his radiant bride walk throguh the glass doors of the Madison hotel conservatory. This big guy who loves to goof off and make funny faces with a tear rolling down his cheek can barely contain himself. Big laughs and big tears. There’s nothing hiding here. How refreshing. Looking through a lens, watching every detail unfold, I felt a profound connection with this emotion. To capture this feeling, it almost has to be experienced vicariously. To be so close through the camera’s eye, closer than anyone else in the room, to see the distance closing between the lovers’ faces, to see the white knuckles as they grip one another… Glynnis and Troy, thank you, for your infectious energy, your freedom and raw emotional transparency. Thank you for reminding me what this business of love is really all about. The beautiful Madison Hotel Conservatory Route 124 (Madison Avenue) Convent Station, NJ 07961 973-539-6666 Not sure how this happened… Guys, there’s a reason Darren’s a photographer. It’s so he DOESN’T DANCE. No matter what he says, please keep him off the dance floor. Please. This photo is disturbing on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin. At least Troy was able to figure out where the camera was!

Troy + Glynnis Get Crazy in the Photo Booth!

Written by Taylor on November 16
Okay. We knew that Troy and Glynnis were hilariously fun and crazy, but nothing could prepare us for what awaited our Photo Booth at the Madison Hotel Conservatory. Apparently, everyone at this wedding was equally… well let’s just say it’s clear now why they’re friends with Troy and Glynnis. I was manning the Photo Booth in an almost perpetual state of laughter throughout the night. This job may appear easy, until you realize it involves dodging rogue pumpkins, intervening kidnappings, and patronizing angry pirates, Aboriginals, and fallen angels. Oh… Did I mention it was Halloween? Thanks, Troy and Glynnis for getting married and putting up such an amazing party! Thanks to all the guests that never cease to make our job the best job on the planet, (don’t worry, there was no permanent damage… I’ll recover eventually, and it was worth it for the photos) and thanks to the staff of the Madison Hotel for catering and cleaning up the remnants of such a fantastic night in the Photo Booth.

Troy + Glynnis Engaged

Written by Darren on November 3
We had a great time photographing Troy and Glynnis at Sandy Hook State Park in New Jersey. Sandy Hook has all kinds of interesting buildings and beautiful scenery, given that it is the home of an abandoned military base called Fort Hancock as well as some beautiful beaches. There are all kinds of abandoned military bunkers and mortar batteries, a light house, and some other interesting things. We looove shooting at Sandy Hook because there is so much great scenery and variety all across the park. Troy and Glynnis were a ton of fun and despite the ridiculous mosquitoes we got some fantastic photos of them goofing off together! My favorite shot of the day. Normally it’s quite difficult to take photos in New Jersey on an ocean beach with a sunset in the background because the sun sets in the west, but Sandy Hook is a peninsula that runs north and south, so the western beaches are perfect for sunset photos! A long time ago, before I got into wedding photography my favorite type of photography was long exposure and night photography. I’ve wanted to take this photo at Sandy Hook for a long time, so I was FINALLY able to put some of that long exposure photography knowledge to use with this shot. I had to get a little wet in order to take it though!
Taylor looks pretty epic here. Awesome engagement session! We also got to photograph their awesome wedding at The Madison Hotel Conservatory this past weekend, so the crazy PhotoBooth photos from that will be up soon!
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