Occasionally I get asked by one of my photographer friends to tag along on one of their weddings and second shoot for them. I love getting to shoot with other photographers now and then because’s it’s a great chance to see how other successful photographers work differently than Taylor and I do. Also it’s extremely rewarding, because I don’t have the weight on my shoulders of being the main photographer I can push myself to experiment and come up with a different perspective, and then I can bring what I’ve learned to the table when photographing Aevum’s clients. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some images from a few weddings that I tagged along on.

My good friend Dan had me along for Pat and Kimm’s wedding at the Northampton Valley Country Club a little while back. It was a gorgeous day and it’s always fun to shoot at a new venue, especially when the grounds are as expansive and beautiful as these ones. I will say though that attempting to take photos WHILE driving a golf cart is not advisable!

Northampton Valley Country Club Wedding Photos | Pat + Kimm 1 Northampton Valley Country Club Wedding Photos | Pat + Kimm 2 Northampton Valley Country Club Wedding Photos | Pat + Kimm 3 Northampton Valley Country Club Wedding Photos | Pat + Kimm 4 Northampton Valley Country Club Wedding Photos | Pat + Kimm 5 Northampton Valley Country Club Wedding Photos | Pat + Kimm 6
Uh, that limo was crazy. Awesome limo, awesome couple, awesome party (The Hanover Manor), awesome colors, awesome dancing, awesome awesome awesome day.

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Mike and Giuseppina, you guys are awesome.

Brie + Kyle Got Engaged!

Written by Taylor on February 16
New jersey weddding photographer01Although I’m going to have to sit out the wedding (I’m a groomsman), I did get the chance to shoot an engagement session with Darren for my sister Brie, and her fiance Kyle this past fall. This engagement session was particularly special for me (besides, you know my sister getting married and all) because it was here that Brie and I came with my little Canon Rebel XT and my new kit lens years ago and had our first photo shoot. I guess it was here, in this little field outside of Great Meadows, NJ where I officially fell in love with the sun… and what it does inside a camera lens. Now here we were again, me and my camera lying in the bug infested grass, Brie rationing her love between her new fiance and a plate of Dunkin Donuts, and that same setting sun… faithfully beaming it’s rays out over the field, begging to be captured. New jersey weddding photographer03New jersey weddding photographer04New jersey weddding photographer05New jersey weddding photographer06New jersey weddding photographer07New jersey weddding photographer08New jersey weddding photographer09New jersey weddding photographer10New jersey weddding photographer11New jersey weddding photographer12New jersey weddding photographer13New jersey weddding photographer14New jersey weddding photographer15New jersey weddding photographer16New jersey weddding photographer17New jersey weddding photographer18New jersey weddding photographer19
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