Hanover Manor | Mike + Giuseppina PhotoBooth!

Written by Taylor on August 25
Hey, I wasn’t kidding when I said this was an awesome party. Did I mention it was Photobooth! awesome?

Aevum photo booth1Aevum photo booth2Aevum photo booth3Aevum photo booth4Aevum photo booth5Aevum photo booth6Aevum photo booth7Aevum photo booth8Aevum photo booth9Aevum photo booth10Aevum photo booth11Aevum photo booth12Aevum photo booth13Aevum photo booth14Aevum photo booth15Aevum photo booth16

Learn more about the Aevum PhotoBooth! here.
Uh, that limo was crazy. Awesome limo, awesome couple, awesome party (The Hanover Manor), awesome colors, awesome dancing, awesome awesome awesome day.

Nj wedding photographer1Nj wedding photographer2Nj wedding photographer3Nj wedding photographer4Nj wedding photographer5Nj wedding photographer6Nj wedding photographer7Nj wedding photographer8Nj wedding photographer9Nj wedding photographer10Nj wedding photographer11Nj wedding photographer12Nj wedding photographer13Nj wedding photographer14Nj wedding photographer15Nj wedding photographer16

Mike and Giuseppina, you guys are awesome.

Hanover Manor, NJ | Kevin + Meredith Get Married

Written by Taylor on January 18
Our great friends Kevin and Meredith FINALLY got married after dating since… when? You might remember these two from an awesome engagement shoot involving aviators? Yup. It’s been their destiny for as long as I can remember, and it was so awesome to be a part of their fantastic day. The wedding and reception both took place at the lovely Hanover Manor… an awesome place where the ceremony room automagically transforms into a reception hall while the guests are away sipping cocktails and Darren and I are outside running all over taking these dashing bridal party photos. Many thanks to all the talented vendors we met at this wedding:
  1. Florist: The Potted Geranium
  2. Hair Stylist: The amazing Grace D’Urso from Kristina Michele Salon
  3. Venue: The Hanover Manor
  4. Reception: The Hanover Manor
  5. new_jersey_wedding_photographer_01.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_02.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_03.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_04.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_05.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_07.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_08.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_09.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_10.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_11.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_12.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_13.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_14.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_15.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_16.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_17.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_18.jpg Loaded with photos we just took of the ceremony and portraits, the iPad is always a big hit, especially with the ladies: new_jersey_wedding_photographer_19.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_20.jpg Thank you Kevin and Meredith for your awesome smiles and your incredible love. We wish you all the blessings in the world for your marriage and your new life together!