PhotoBooth! is basically a portable complete photographic studio for your event. That means it comes with a giant backdrop, a massive umbrella and flash (remember your school yearbook photos?), a camera (clearly) and even a living photographer. All these wonderful things reside in a 10′ by 10′ space at your party, either inside or out on the lawn.

PhotoBooth! also comes with a trusty companion, Box ‘O Props. This is a box filled with embarrassing and exciting costumes, props, masks, weapons (fake), and false identities. You and your guests will use these to create inspiring and (later) horrifying images of yourselves. Wherever PhotoBooth goes, the Box ‘O Props is never far from its side.

PhotoBooth! also brings with it something else. A monitor, a screen that instantly displays the photo just snapped in all its glory. You’ll know immediately if your finger was in fact up your fiance’s nose, or if the cash you threw into the sky has scattered appropriately among your house guests.

So now its pretty clear… no PhotoBooth!, no party.

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