Who are you guys?

Best buds since high school, we always wanted to do something epic. We capture the crazy love shared between two people in a photograph, and we freeze moments in time that only happen once, ever. When you think about it, that’s pretty epic.

Where are you located?

Although we live in Northern New Jersey, our business exists in the cloud. We’re big on communication, and thanks to the dawn of the digital age, we’re able to pull some pretty geeky strings to make your experience close, personal, and simple. Even if you live in Timbuktu. Speaking of… We love to travel and if you’re getting married on an exotic island in the Caribbean, well… we’re happy to make the sacrifice.

How can I follow you?

You can follow Aevum on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with us. Also, don’t forget to check out the blog for our newest work, as well as downloads, articles, and more!

What’s your style?

Unrehearsed, spontaneous, and real. We love to photograph people in love, because when our clients are madly in love our job is a blast.

When we talk about style, we like to think “fresh.” Our mission is to document the day as quiet observers, capturing those faces and moments you would have otherwise missed.

Take a collection of snappy, realistic, hilarious, heartwrenching images and combine them with modern books and high quality prints and you’ve got Aevum fresh. To go. That’s what we’re after here.

What the heck is an Aevum?

Ahem. Well, Aevum is our name, and it’s Latin. It’s a word that stands for life, eternity, age, and we liked that. Your love, your wedding, and things like that are last-forever type things. Your memories should be too.

Do you always work together?

For us, shooting a wedding is something like playing ping pong. You could do it by yourself, but in the end it always feels like you’re missing something. So we personally photograph every wedding and portrait session together, because that’s just how we roll.