Darren is an artist of information, bending computers and databases to his will. His mind functions like a spreadsheet, fueled by pizza, HTML, and velcro, and at night he has dreams of mountain ranges that don’t exist in New Jersey. He wields the camera like a space phaser and takes charge as the primary photographer at our events.

Darren is obsessed with straight lines and jagged rocks. See his travel photography at darrensq.com.


Taylor would rather be an astronaut. He can fall asleep anywhere. He thinks his glasses are just for style, but really, he needs them. He regularly overuses words like “phenomenal”. Taylor usually shoots from a distance, then spends hours transforming images, huddled in a dark room next to his typewriter and piano.

Taylor strives for honest, dark, organic portraits. You can see some of his personal work at gtallen.com.