New York City | Shane+Courtney Engaged!

Written by Taylor on January 20
It was a HOT day in the city with Shane and Courtney. And I mean that in every way. After meeting up at Washington Square Park, we made our way over to the piers snapping shots all the way. By the time we got back down from shooting on the docks, it was sweltering. We got a few bottles of ice cold water and Shane DOWNED that thing. Seriously, like one really big gulp and the bottle was empty. Honestly, I would have died of brain freeze or something. But, we all felt better and Darren got a chance to use his fisheye lens before we wrapped up a great shoot. Shane and Courtney are totally cool and we can’t wait for their wedding coming up this year!!! new_jersey_wedding_photographer_01.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_02.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_03.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_04.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_05.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_06.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_07.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_08.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_09.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_10.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_11.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_12.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_13.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_14.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_15.jpgnew_jersey_wedding_photographer_16.jpg

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  1. Marco February 8, 2011 at 6:09 am #

    Well done !!!!

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