Patrick + Cam Get Married

Written by Taylor on January 5
Darren and I love photography for the details. A good picture takes something small that should have been missed, and turns it into something symbolic, powerful, and emblematic.

At Patrick and Cam’s wedding, detail was literally, everywhere. Detail that was beautiful, shocking, and fresh. It was a perfect match. Ocean breezes and the balconies of the stunning Chelsea hotel, Sinatra serenading the cocktail hour, and the fading evening light off the Atlantic City skyline. Cam’s work for her wedding was genius and her unique style lit up every photograph with a fascinating ambiance. If you haven’t seen Cam’s incredible design work, one look will convince you of the kind of precise and beautiful design sense she has. And we love Cam and Patrick because they are the raddest couple ever.

After a sunset ceremony on the balcony overlooking the beach, we made our way to the also insanely decorated reception. I got kicked out into the lobby to work the Photo Booth for most of the night because I couldn’t stop staring at the cake. Meanwhile, Darren crept through the chic ambiance of dark purple lights, pink candles, feathers, and chrome studded skulls. But that cake… I think I’m still staring at it. Here are some of the awesome people we got to work with: All over was the beautiful and unique logo Cam designed. On the programs, on the aisle runner, and yes… on the cake. Just like a great photograph, a symbol of the coolest couple ever, an emblem of their crazy, famous love. Now that’s powerful.

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