New York City | Diana + Mike Engaged

Written by Taylor on January 12
There’s nothing like New York City. In a single square half mile you can be walking past giant murals of street art and graffiti, knee high grass and monolith skylines, and the fierce sun setting on the Hudson River. Amazing. Diana and Mike brought their dramatic class to the New York piers on this fantastic evening photo shoot in downtown Manhattan.

After the sun went down, we played for some great shots in the middle of the street, waiting for headlights to be close enough for a dramatic shot… then RUN!!!! Darren worked some angles while I dodged traffic holding a flash. Meanwhile Diana and Mike seemed pretty content standing there, looking amazing and relaxed, successfully ignoring the imminent doom.

It started to get a little chilly after sunset, so we finished up a few last minute street shots and called it a night. What a phenomenal shoot. Thank you New York for your unending surprises, thank you Darren for once again risking my life so you could get a great photo, and thank you Diana and Mike for your unending smiles and great spirits. We can’t wait for the wedding :)

One Response to “New York City | Diana + Mike Engaged”

  1. Diana January 22, 2010 at 10:55 pm #

    We love these so much!!!! The best!!!! Thank y’all. We can’t wait for the wedding too!!!!

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