Madison, New Jersey | Ashley + Tom Engaged

Written by Taylor on January 28
Madison, New Jersey is kind of a famous place, as far as New Jersey goes. Episodes of “The Sopranos” were filmed right here. And scenes from “A Beautiful Mind”, “Guess Who”, and “The Family Stone.”

All of that was stuff I learned from Tom and Ashley as we walked down the historic-feeling streets and through the beautiful Madison Train Station. Ashley seemed to be pretty popular in her home town as we would hear people yelling “ASHLEYYY!!!” out of random cars passing through downtown. Tom just enjoyed the ride most of the time, but a few times I caught him staring at his fiancĂ© with this dazed smile… I think he might have a thing for her.

The light was spectacular and it gave us a chance to capture some of the beautiful textures and colors around Madison. We had a FANtastic time laughing with Tom and Ashley, and LOVED the way they melted into each other in front of the camera. It really is incredible to photograph two people this much in love. Their smiles light up the image and you can just feel the warmth. That’s the kind of celebrity smile that’s made Madison famous in my book.

Here’s a great self-timer shot…
Words escape me. I want to have an excuse for my hair… I want to say that I just survived a maelstrom… or was hit by a transit bus trying to get a great photo. But the truth is, I didn’t even know until I saw this picture. Thanks Darren, for letting me know. Such a friend. (When I confronted him on it, his response was… “But it’s always like that.” This statement merits further investigation.)

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  1. Mindy February 12, 2010 at 11:42 am #

    Fun set. I love the ladder picture in the alley! Oh yeah and great hair!

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